Disney Mandalorian Toys: Baby Yoda, Lego, Nerf, Funko, Hasbro (Animatronics, Collectibles, Apparel)

An exclusive look at the new animatronic Hasbro toys for Disney Star Wars Mandalorian. A close look at a range of Baby Yoda, The Child, toys. This includes mini-figures, poseable figures, plush, Funko Pop, animatronic Hasbro toys, Lego figurines and Lego sets. We also have a look at costumes and outfits and even a peek at the Build-a-bear version of The Child / Baby Yoda.

We also see new board games for Mandalorian including Operation and Ludo board games. Lego brought us new sets for The Mandalorian. Including the Razor Crest and Minifigure of The Child. Lego also brings Brick Heads for characters. Mattel has plush items for the show as well.

These toys and characters are all based on Season 1 on The Mandalorian, Season 2 of The Mandalorian is coming in October.

PlayStation Black Friday Family Buying Tips

Video supported by PlayStation including access to games and consoles. This week we look at how to get ready to hunt down the best deals on Black Friday. Whether it’s a new PlayStation, PlayStation Pro or bundle pack here’s what to consider before putting down you hard-earned cash. Along with consoles, we also look at peripherals and PlayStation VR.

PlayStation 500GB
PlayStation 1TB
PlayStation FIFA
PlayStation Fortnite
PlayStation Pro
Dualshock 4 Controller
Official Controllers
PlayStation VR

Tori Video Game – Cut, Colour and Scan Your iPad Spaceship

Video supported by Namco Bandai for us to look at the new Tori toy and video game. It’s a bit like Skylanders and a bit like Harry Potter and a bit like Angry Birds. There are also parts of it that remind us of Nintendo Labo.

We get the family to play the game so that parents can see what it’s like and the value they will get from the investment. Along the way we fold and colour in our own spacecraft and use the Tori play board to go on a space adventure.

Official blurb:
“We’re offering families a whole new way to play, where the magic of digital entertainment and technology is combined with fun creative activities.

tori uses the latest cutting edge technologies to personalise tori’s worlds by scanning creations you’ve created in real life and experience them digitally, whether it is a space ship in Crystal Chase, or the scenery in Jungle Rescue. We call this Mirror Play.

This merging of off-screen activities with digital experiences has been developed in collaboration with experts in kids soft skills development ensuring more positive and beneficial results for children while having fun on a tablet or smartphone.

Please find out more on the product below and we hope you enjoy tori’s worlds if you dive in!”

These Twins Love New Super Lucky’s Tale on the Switch

New Super Lucky’s Tale for Nintendo Switch – https://bit.ly/lucky-familygamertv

Video supported by Playful Studios including access to the game. To win a copy of the game LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and TWEET @FamilyGamerTV with #LuckyFamily. We’ll announce the winner here and on Twitter at the end of the month.

We took a break from PJ Masks Hero Academy this week and took New Super Lucky’s Tale to try with a family. As you can see they really love playing it both in handheld and on the big screen. “Run, jump, climb incredible heights, burrow deep underground, overcome enemies, and explore amazing worlds on an epic quest to rescue the Book of Ages!”

PJ Masks Crack Code to Magic Key w/ Hero Academy

This PJ Masks Episodes, the Disney Junior PJ Masks show, we look at PJ Masks Hero Academy. It’s a new PJ Masks video game on the iPad that will teach you numbers, colors, counting and coding. It’s fun to play but you get to learn something educational at the same time.

Like PJ Masks Toy Fair games we’ve seen (PJ Masks Moonlight Heroes, PJ Masks Starlight Sprint, PJ Masks City Run) we really enjoyed Owlette, Catboy and Gekko’s fun.

LEGO Brawls Let Loose in LEGO Vault! (First Evar Disney, Harry Potter & Star Wars Sets)

Video supported by LEGO who take us to try out LEGO Brawls and explore the underground LEGO Vault where they have EVERY SINGLE LEGO set ever released. We go looking for PJ Masks LEGO but see the first-ever Harry Potter LEGO and the first LEGO Star Wars sets.

Join us for 30 minutes of filming underground in the LEGO Vault and trying out LEGO Brawls with the other YouTubers.

Our trip doesn’t take Owlette, Gekko or Catboy this time, as we fly to Denmark to see the LEGO Brawls game and new LEGO sets.

PJ Masks Garden Hide and Seeker Turns Cardboard Metal (SDCC)

It’s our new PJ Masks episodes. The PJ Masks Disney Show is going to San Diego Comic Con. We have a treasure hunt hide-and-seek in the garden to find the special metal die-cast cars, but Romeo turns the PJ Masks Seeker into Cardboard.

PRODUCT NAME: 2019 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive PJ Masks Seeker Die-Cast Vehicle Set



DESCRIPTION: Go into the night to save the day with the PJ Masks Seeker Die-Cast Vehicle set, available only at San Diego Comic Con. This 2019 Convention Exclusive includes Catboy’s Cat-Car, Owlette’s Owl Glider, and Gekko’s Gekko-Mobile in a chrome finish. The vehicles come packaged in a PJ Masks PJ Seeker box, featuring a fold-down panel making it great for display. SRP: $20. Ages 3+