PJ Masks Hatchimals ❤️ NEW ❤️ “Super City Run” Game Surprise

Here’s our fun Real Life (IRL) PJ Masks adventure where Owlette, Cat Boy and Gekko hatch from a Hatchimals egg. The adventure continues as they have to rappel down the tree and open the PJ Masks Treasure Chest to find a Brand New iPad game inside.

PJ Masks Super City Run is the new iOS, Android and Amazon Video-Game app from PJ Masks. It’s a top down action game where you collect all manner of power ups as you help Gekko, Cat Boy and Owlette get through to the end of each level.

PlayStation 4 Family Features – Game Share, Netflix, Spotify and PlayStation Plus

We have a look at the extended features on the PlayStation 4 and what difference this makes to families. In particular this includes a look at consuming media (Film, Music, TV, Netflix, iPlayer) as well as PlayStation Plus membership and the Share options that provides.

Previously we looked at PlayStation 4 games that worked well for families and tested them with some of the folks we work with:

PlayStation supported this video including access to games and hardware.

Xbox One Games Packed with Learning and Creativity

We worked with Xbox to test out the best games for family on Xbox One. From Minecraft to Forza Horizon 3 and Skylanders to FIFA we wanted to see how these games educated as well as entertained our family.

Along with the entertaining and engaging nature of each of these games the family were also challenged to pick-up skills like map reading, navigation, planning and strategy. There was also a lot of creativity required in games like Minecraft and Skylanders — where they had to design their own characters from scratch.

We also enjoyed stretching our memory by going back to play the Xbox 360 games supported on the Xbox One with backwards compatibility. Just pop the Xbox 360 disc in and you are ready to go — if you can remember where to go that is.

Video supported by Xbox including access to games and hardware.

MekaMon – $329 Spider Battle Robots – Gameplay & Interview

We get hands on with Reach Robotics new robot MekaMon. This is a high tech robot that moves like a spider and battles like a Call of Duty robot drone.

We have a look at the Trailer as well as Gameplay footage from Reach Robotics themselves.

$329 for MekaMon Starter Pack that includes the full robot and download of the app to control the gameplay.

We look at different game modes:
– Dropzone
– Tug of War
– Last Man Standing
– Campaign
– Co-op Control
– Two Player Battle
– Four Player Battle

Mechanized Warriors
MekaMon’s robots have gone through 27 iterations over three years of development to become premium fighting machines. Features include:
– Three degrees of freedom per leg allowing a sophisticated level of movement
– Customization by physical accessories that add weapons or shields, enabling the creation of aggressive, defensive or technical specialists
– One hour of battery life per charge
– Phone camera and infrared tracking system for precision gameplay
– Lightweight form factor (2.2 pounds) to enable swift battle strikes


Zoomer Chimp – Day 2 – 100 Advanced Tricks and Phrases

We return for another look at Zoomer Chimp. Since yesterday he’s been played with a load and has learned all sorts of new tricks, sounds and moves.

As we’ve played with him the set of things that Zoomer Chimp can do has steadily expanded so that now we are approaching seeing many more of his 100 different moves and hundreds of sounds.

Zoomer Chimp has a range of features but our favourites are that he follows our movements and performs loads of tricks. His eyes change color to tell you his mood along with his different expressions.

For more information visit Zoomer World website: https://goo.gl/ThQFZ1

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Star Wars X-Wing vs Death Star Drone Battle (Air Hogs)

We test out the Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault from Air Hog. You pilot the RC X-wing Drone and battle against an auto-hovering Death Star.

It took some practice to get proficient at flying the X-Wing and targeting the Death Star at the same time but a few hours in and it all clicked nicely.

Hit the Death Star 3 times to defeat it before it can shoot you down with its own IR weapon system. An integrated heads up display and battle responsive lights and sounds keep track of all the action.

The Rebel Assault includes a gyro-stabilised X-wing drone with 200 foot range, plus a Death Star that automatically hovers and shoots. Recreate one of the most epic Star Wars battle scenes at home with the Air Hogs Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault.

Official Features
– Pilot the X-wing drone and shoot down the autonomous Death Star by firing 3 direct hits! Careful not to get hit!
– Enjoy a smooth, high-performance flight with gyro-stabilization, 4-channel control, and 2.4GHz communication for up to a 200ft range.
– Pair the X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault with the Air Hogs Star Wars TIE Fighter Drone (sold separately) for even more epic battles.
– The Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault is for ages 8+ and requires 6 AA batteries (not included).
– Includes: 1 X-wing Starfighter, 1 Death Star, 1 Controller, 1 USB Cable, 1 Instruction Guide

Find out more about X-Wing vs Death Star Revel Assault here: https://goo.gl/oX8iN1

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Day 2 – Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone

We test out Spin Master’s Air Hogs Connect the real drone flown indoors, controlled with a smart device that becomes a part of an augmented reality video-game experience.

Day 1 experience here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qygq1zw6KWo

With gamified drones and augmented reality games being huge this year it’s a great high tech combination. The boys get hands on to try it out and work through the early stages of the game.

We learn how to fly, use the grapple, extinguish fires and even attack aliens. The action happens on the tablet screen and in the room with a real life drone and mat.

Spin Master’s new Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone is launching this fall. To find out more check out this website: http://www.airhogs.com/connectmissiondrone/

Editorially independent video supported by Spin Master including access to the Air Hogs Connect drone and app.

CBBC Scream Street Rollercoaster Adventure at Chessington

We took the family to visit Chessington World of Adventures this week. During October, Scream Street has taken over Chessington World of Adventures Resort to celebrate the new episodes coming to CBBC this Halloween!

There’s Scream Street characters at the Vampire rollercoaster and Vampire’s Burger Kitchen. Standees and Gravestone signposts help families make spooky selfies at screamstreet.com, and the other Scream Street activities including a limited edition Scream Street burger and highly collectable Pop Badge!

For more Scream Street fun visit http://www.screamstreet.com or follow @ScreamStreet on PopJam!

Video support by Scream Street including travel and access to the park.

PJ Masks Baby Hero – Lights & Sounds Toy Outfit Make

We create a PJ Masks Baby hero – Mini Owlette. With the help of Sewing Expert Emily Levey this shows you everything you need to do to create your own baby outfit from the official PJ Masks Plush Toy and a few other bits and bobs from the sewing room.

With Gekko and Cat Boy watching on we convert the lights and sounds of the Plush Owlette toy into something for our Baby Hero to wear.

We got our make done right in time for Halloween too!

Many thanks to:
– Emily Levey – https://www.instagram.com/emilylevey/
– PJ Masks for providing the toys – http://pjmasks.com/
– PJ Baby model – very patient and professional